Dovetail Carrier is a flexible and customizable message handling framework for your Dovetail or Clarify CRM application.

Its general purpose message processor and customizable business rule system allow the automation of a virtually any internal CRM processes associated with communicating with external systems.

The Carrier framework is designed to support extensions to its baseline capabilities, for implementing solutions to your organization's business needs.

Extensions shipped by Dovetail have been designed to be customizable and new extensions can be added by customers as needed with no limit on the number of active extensions.

Dovetail Software provides the following extensions for Dovetail Carrier:

Message-based architecture

Benefits of a message-based architecture include:

There are two players in a message-based system. Message Producers and Message Subscribers.

Message Producers put messages into the system.

Message Subscribers perform actions on these messages.

As an example, Dovetail Carrier can listen to an email account, and when a new email is received, it can produce a new message.

Dovetail Carrier contains message processors that subscribe to these messages and do something interesting with them, such as creating a new case or dialogue within the CRM system.