What's New - Version 20


Bug Fixes

Changes of Interest to Developers

Upgrading to Version 20.0.0

  1. Upgrade Dovetail Rulemanager to version 2.7.0 or higher.
    • Allows for Business Rule conditions to be evaluates in a specific order.
    • Support for Slack Notifications
  1. Upgrade Dovetail Seeker to version 2.6.0 or higher.

    This resolve an issue where Add Attachment activities are being recorded as the username used by Dovetail Seeker, as opposed to the actual user who added the file.

  2. Apply Schema Changes.

    • The schema changes to be applied are defined in $dovetailAgent\config\schema\agent.schemascript.xml. The easiest way is to simply apply these changes using Dovetail SchemaEditor and the agent.schemascript.xml file - it will add the new schema and skip over any changes that already exist.
  3. Import the following data files:

    • broadcasts.dat
    • activity_codes.dat
    • agent_basic_data.dat
    • mentions.dat
    • canned-responses.dat
  4. Disable/enable the Interactions feature by setting the Interaction.FeatureEnabled key within the appSettings file.

  5. If using Interactions:

    A. Setup interaction searching

    Edit Dovetail Seeker's documentSpecifications.xml file to allow for searching of interactions. Within Seeker's documentSpecifications.xml file, include the change request specifications needed by Dovetail Agent, which are provided in the $dovetailAgent\source\config\seeker.config\seeker-interaction-domain-specification.xml file

    B. Grant the following privileges to the desired privilege class(es). This can be done within Dovetail Agent, using the Admin - Privilege Classes functionality.

    • Create Interaction
    • Edit Interaction
    • Query Interaction
  6. Optional - If using Slack Notifications:

    A. Add Slack as an option in the Notification Types user-defined list. This can be done within Dovetail Agent, using the Admin - User Defined Lists functionality.

    B. Enable the Slack Notifications feature by setting the SlackNotifications.FeatureEnabled key within the appSettings file.

  7. Optional - Edit and Import the \dat\example\email_templates.dat file. More Information here

  8. Merge in your customizations with the baseline 20.0.0 source code

  9. Update the web.config file. If you re-use your existing web.config file, be sure to merge in the latest changes.

    • The assembly binding definitions have changed
  10. Build / Test / Release / Deploy

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