Document Specifications

Document specifications are defined using XML. The location of this specification file defaults to your documentSpecification.xml in your seeker config directory.

Dovetail Seeker indexing applications use document specifications like a set of instructions. There are two types of document specifications:

All specifications have optional description and tag values.

Important: Be aware that when using the Dovetail Seeker Windows Service that changes to your document specification file will immediately affect your index.

Find out more about Specification Change Detection.

Visual Studio Intellisense

You can use any text editor to edit the file. We recommend you use Visual Studio to enable intellisense for editing the file. Visual Studio gives you hints to what nodes are available and errors when the file is invalid.

The DocumentSpecifications.xsd in your seeker administrator directory is an XML schema file to validate the document specification file. Visual Studio can use this file to enable intellisense to help edit the document specification file.

To enable the XSD in Visual Studio, copy the file to the schema folder in your Visual Studio installation path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9\Xml\Schemas (or "Microsoft Visual Studio 8" for VS2005, etc.).

Dovetail Document Specifications

Dovetail document specifications define how the Dovetail Seeker indexer will create and update index documents based on the contents of your Dovetail CRM application. For example using the included Dovetail document specification for the case entity in your Dovetail CRM you will have one document in your search index for each case present in your CRM (which matches the document selection criteria).

Each Dovetail document specification defines:


The following is the document specification for Solutions.

<dovetailDocumentSpecification description="Cases in your CRM" tags="workflow">
  <identification displayName="solution" table="probdesc" idColumnName="id_number"/>
  <documentSelectionCriteria><![CDATA[creation_time > ${lastIndexUpdate} OR modify_stmp > ${lastIndexUpdate}]]></documentSelectionCriteria>
  <title xml:space="preserve"><path>title</path></title>
  <summary xml:space="preserve"><path>description</path></summary>
  <indexAttachments path="probdesc2workaround:wa_attch2doc_inst"/>
  <customField title="public" description="Flag indicating the solution is public. ('1' means yes)" tags="boolean,true:1">