Previous Versions

Version 2.6.0
Upgrading from a previous version
  1. Un-install your existing version of Seeker
  2. Install the new version of Seeker
  3. Edit the seeker.config file, setting the value for seekerWebService.attachmentDirectoryPath
  4. Edit the seeker.config file, setting the value for seekerWebService.attachmentMode

Version 2.5.0

Add support for handling uploads of file attachments. This is typically used in conjunction with Dovetail Agent (version 19 or higher).

New APIs

Attachment Upload Token - This provides a token that will be used for the actual upload of a file attachment.

Attachment Upload - The Attachment File Upload API is for application users to upload a file attachment. Dovetail Seeker will save the file to the file system, and create the attachment records (doc_inst and doc_path) in the database for the appropriate workflow entity.

New Config Settings

seekerWebService.attachmentDirectoryPath - The base path where file attachments should be stored when using the Attachment Upload API.

seekerWebService.attachmentMode - The AttachmentMode specifies which sub-folder mode should be used when saving file attachments using the Attachment Upload API. Valid values are ModeA, ModeB, or ModeC. For specific details, refer to the AttachmentMode Knowledgebase Article

Version 2.4.1
Bug Fixes

Version 2.4.0

Add support for Seeker to act as a file resource store, allowing for generic uploading of files, and using SeekerProxy for downloading of files with use of a URL that contains a token with a set lifetime (expiration date). This is typically used in conjunction with Dovetail Agent (version 9 or higher), and Dovetail Rulemanager (version 1.6 and higher).

New Resources API added.

Installer now supports Windows 10 / IIS 10

Version 2.3.1

Update the web service's administrative web site to show the Service Name, and the Instance Name when multiple Seeker Indexer Services are running on the same server. See the Upload Process documentation for details.

Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with the Spell Check API not handling POST requests.

Version 2.3.0

Add support for direct file uploads files to Dovetail Seeker. See the Upload Process documentation for details.

Add documentation for File Download APIs.

Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 is now required:

Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with web service failing to start up when Spell Check API configuration settings are incorrect.

Fixed file download API bug where file names with special characters were not getting correctly encoded.

Domains removed from the document specification will now get immediately removed from the index.

Version 2.2.1

Fixed slowness that can occur when checking for files that do not exist on network shares.

Fixed bug where removing a search domain would leave a config file in the search index directory.

Fixed exceptions that could occur during shutdown.

Add debug logging around setting index timestamps and message consumer setup.

Version 2.2.0

The web service's administrative web site has been updated with more contemporary technology and a better user experience.

Recent versions of Windows Server are more restrictive when writing files to the [Program Files] directory. To simplify configuration, the installer now defaults the installation directory to [WindowsInstall]\Dovetail\Seeker.

Fixed an issue with multi-path expansion, which could result in the index having incorrect data. Specifically, if a custom field was defined that traversed multiple paths, such as: <path>case_reporter2site:primary2bus_org:bus_org2usr_bus_role:usr_bus_role2user:login_name</path> Then in certain instances if the path evaluated to nothing, the index could contain the data from the previously indexed object.

Many application dependencies have been updated.

Version 2.1.5

Dovetail Seeker now requires the Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework Full Edition.

Web Service

Search results once again return a score usable by search clients implementations.

Re-indexing a search domain using the Seeker administrative web application no longer displays an error.

Document specifications Changes

Customers document specification (for the contact table) now excludes 'dummy' contacts.

Subcase document specification is now configured to index subcase attachments.

Version 2.1.3

File documents whose text cannot be extracted will now create empty search index documents. Previously these files were not included in the search index preventing them from being served by the Seeker File Proxy.

The global last index update time stamp (shown on the administrative web site and in search results) is now updated on every check for new items to index, not just when items are indexed.

When the document specification is modified the indexing service will refresh cached Clarify data.

Dovetail Seeker has been certified to work with Oracle 11.

Installer will no longer prevent installation when only .Net 4.0 is present.

Version 2.0.12

Corrected the logging configuration for Seeker Console.

Search web service exceptions now return as JSON when the requesting web client has set the HTTP header X-Requested-With to the value XMLHttpRequest. This is useful when the client wishes to consume the error message as JSON rather that display the normal HTML error page.

Version 2.0.0

We've added a lot of new and popularly requested features to Dovetail Seeker 2.0.

Rich Document Indexing

We have added the ability to index and search the contents of rich documents such as Portable Document Format (PDF) or Microsoft Word documents

New Architecture Benefits

We are now using a message oriented architecture for document indexing. This means that Dovetail Seeker is easier for us to maintain. Better yet it's performance has markedly improved.

Another benefit is that you can now re-index individual dovetail or file specifications. In fact, modifying the document specification XML will cause affected document specifications to automatically be re-indexed.

The Windows Service now watches for changes to your Document Specifications to ensure your index documents are always consistent.

New APIs

We have new search and spelling related APIs.

The Terms API allows you to see what search terms in your index match text a user is typing. We've used this API in our search client example to give search clients auto complete capabilities in their search text box.

Spell Check API allows Dovetail Seeker using web applications to do client or server side spell checking.

Our Term Suggest API combines both the Terms and Spell Check API to give you alternative search term suggestions for misspelled search terms in queries.

Web Client Example

We now include web client example application which can be used to try out Dovetail Seeker features.

Version 1.5.1

Fixed a bug related to how new or updated Dovetail objects are found. A potential gap was present where objects created or modified would not be found by the next index update.

Note: We recommend a re-index of your Dovetail Seeker search index to correct for any missed Dovetail objects.

Version 1.4.2

During indexing when document creation fails for some reason the indexer will now attempt to retry indexing that document. This is an effort to avoid scenarios where a lost database connection could ruin a long running index operation such as the initial the index creation.

The indexer's data access technique has been updated to be more efficient about the number of queries it does resulting in a significant performance boost to the number of objects indexed per second.

The document specification XML schema definition is now included.

Version 1.4.1

Dovetail Seeker now uses the current date of your Clairfy/Dovetail database instance when setting the last index update timestamp of your search index. This corrects a problem in certain situations where indexing recently modified items could be delayed.

Seeker Console now runs faster for operations that do not touch the database.

Index optimization is now done less aggressively. Optimization is only done after a configurable number of documents have been added to the search index. Please see Configuring Dovetail Seeker for more details.

An optimize command has been added to the console application to allow administrators to force index optimization.

Additional document specification meta data has been added. Document Specifications and custom fields now have optional description and tags metadata attributes.

Administrators wishing to avoid errors returning from queries containing wildcards can now control how many terms are allowed in wildcard queries.

The version of Lucene used by Dovetail Seeker has been updated to version 2.4.1.

Dovetail SDK dependency updated to version 2.4.4.

Version 1.3.2

It is now possible to install multiple Dovetail Seeker indexing windows services on a server. Please see Seeker Windows Service for more information.

Added a new configuration setting allowing configuration of the timezone of the Dovetail SDK session used during indexing. This should be set to match the timezone of the Windows host if it differs from the database's default timezone.

Search client example was missing a source file.

Version 1.3.1

Packaging changed to include support files and documentation for Dovetail Seeker integration with Dovetail Mobile Agent.

Version 1.3.0
New Search Web Service Capabilities

See Dovetail Seeker Web APIs for more details about these new web service parameters. Also please see Custom Fields for more details about changes made to the indexer to accommodate these new capabilities.

Dovetail Seeker now includes an optional document specification for supporting contact search. This document specification can be used by Dovetail Agent and is required by Dovetail Mobile Agent. This document specification requires a schema update before it can be used. For more details please see Updating the Clarify Schema For Contact Search.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug in the search client library where it was not deserializing search results from the web service correctly.

Fixed a bug when reindexing with SeekerConsole and the index directory does not exist.

Installer now configures the web service application on IIS6 and earlier to correctly include the wildcard for the ASP.Net ISAPI handler.

Added missing web service API documentation for the Document Specifications API.

Version 1.2.0
Important Changes
New Features

Dovetail Seeker now includes a Windows service for keeping your search index up to date. For more information see Seeker Windows Service.

Dovetail Seeker can now index Clarify views. Documentation updated to give examples and caveats about basing document specifications on views.

The Seeker Console application can now re-index your search index. This is useful to remove content from your search index after database purge.

Bug Fixes

Seeker Web clients doing searches are now directed to avoid caching search results.

Documentation added about Search Query Syntax.

Version 1.1.0

Documentation added with information on the Seeker Search Web Service API.

Added client-example directory to the installation directory. This directory now contains source code and assemblies for an C# Seeker client. Please view the ReadMe.txt file in that directory for more information.

Added new value RequestedNumberOfResults to the search results information returned by the search service. This value reflects the number of search results requested by the search client. This was added to make pagination of search results easier.

Search web application now takes maximumSummaryLength as an optional parameter to allow search clients control over the size of the search result payload.