Dovetail Index Documents

The goal of the Dovetail Seeker indexing applications is to populate an index with documents that capture the essence of entities within your Dovetail CRM. An index document is really a snapshot of what you define as the searchable details of an entity like a Case, or a Solution. Listed below are the components of an index document and its usage.


A document is something that can be searched. The Dovetail Seeker search results are an array of documents that match the search query and are ordered by their relevance. Documents are just containers for fields. When you search, you are searching the contents of fields in a document.


A document contains fields that can be searched. For example when searching using this query - title:Seeker - the query is looking for all of the documents in the index that have a field called 'title' that matches 'Seeker'.

Default Field

More than likely users will not want to type out a field name for every search term. When searching without using a field name, the search is performed against the default document field. Seeker defines the default field name as contents. Thus, when searching for Seeker, it is the same as contents:Seeker.

Note: Search terms can include a combination of fields and search operators.
Dovetail Seeker Dovetail Document Fields

The following fields are present on all documents created by the indexer:

Field Name Example Is In Search Result Identifier Searchable
domain case Yes Yes Yes
id 1234 Yes Yes Yes
uri dovetail://case/1234 No Yes Yes
title The case title Yes No Yes
summary The default case summary is the case_history Yes No Yes
contents 1234 The case title The default case summary is the case_history No No Yes
Note: For more information on advanced search capabilities,
see the Lucene Query Parser Syntax documentation at