Installing RuleManager

Using the MSI Installation Package

Begin the installation by extracting the contents of the RuleManager ZIP file into a temporary folder. Run the MSI installation process by double-clicking on the RuleManager.msi file.

The installation will then proceed through a series of steps or screens which will either provide information about the installation process, or request information necessary to install RuleManager.

Update the Clarify Schema

You can update the Clarify schema with Dovetail SchemaEditor.

Prior to making schema changes, backup the current database.

To make these changes using Dovetail SchemaEditor:
  1. Edit the .SchemaEditor file
    • Set the database connection information.
    • Set the inputFilePath to [InstallDir]\config\schema\rulemanager.schemascript.xml
  2. Preview the changes (SchemaEditor.exe -p).
  3. Apply the changes (SchemaEditor.exe -a).

License Installation

You should have received a license for RuleManager either with your distribution or separately. If you have not received a license for RuleManager, please contact us to obtain one.

To install your RuleManager license
  1. Execute the Dovetail Software License Installer which is found in the Dovetail SDK installation root.

  2. The database connection/login screen will appear (Figure 2). This allows License Installer to connect to your Clarifyâ„¢ database instance and view current and install new Dovetail Software licenses. Please enter required information (all fields are required except for "DB Name" when the database type is "Oracle") and click "Login". The License Installer will then attempt to connect to the database.
    Installer Login Screen
    Figure 2: License Installer Login Screen

  3. After successfully connecting to the database and retrieving any existing license information, the license information screen (Figure 3) will be displayed. This will list any existing licenses and some basic information about them. It also allows you to install new licenses by clicking on the "Install New License(s)" button.
    Load Information Screen
    Figure 3: License Installer License Information Screen

  4. To install a new license or licenses, click the "Install New License(s)" button. You will be prompted (see Figure 4) to select an XML license file, or paste a license XML fragment you may have received in an email or other source. Once you have loaded or pasted the XML fragment, click the "Install" button to install the license.
    Load License Screen
    Figure 4: License Installer Load License Screen

  5. If the installation is successful, the license information screen will appear. The newly installed license(s) should appear in the list of installed license. At this point the License Installer can be closed, or new licenses can be installed as many times as is needed. If the installation is not successful, an error dialog window will appear giving further details about what went wrong.

Security Considerations

For Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003, there are special security considerations to think about before starting the RuleManager service.

The RuleManager installer defaults the RuleManager service to run under the predefined local account named "LocalSystem". This account has extensive privileges on the local computer. Most services do not need such a high privilege level and due to the risk posed, it is advised not to run other services as this account. It is recommended that you change the account that the RuleManager service runs as.

This account should have the following privileges:

[Optional] Setup SMS Notifications

If you plan to use SMS Notifications, follow the instructions for configuring SMS Notifications

[Optional] Setup Slack Notifications

If you plan to use Slack Notifications, follow the instructions for configuring Slack Notifications

Starting the Service

By default, after the service is installed, it is not started. In order for RuleManager to begin processing, the service must be started.

  1. Open Control Panel, Administrative Tools, and open the 'Services' applet.
  2. Find the RuleManager service in the list (or whatever name you gave your service during installation).
  3. Click the "Play" or "Start" button in the toolbar. RuleManager should start after a few seconds.
    Note: If RuleManager fails to start, you will be prompted with a generic
    error message from Windows. Consult the Windows Event Viewer to get more
    information about why RuleManager failed to start. To run the Event
    Viewer, open the "Event Viewer" applet in the same folder where the "Services"
    applet was.