What's New - Version 2.8.1


Bug Fixes

Upgrading to Version 2.8.1

To upgrade to the latest release:

  1. Stop the Dovetail Rulemanager Windows service. Be sure to close the Windows Services application window after doing so.
  2. Backup any Rulemanager files that you have previously modified (such as FChoice.RuleManager.WindowsService.exe.config, other .config files, or custom property extension DLLs)
  3. Un-install the old version of Rulemanager (using Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs).
  4. Install the new version of Rulemanager
  5. Merge any of your existing changes with updated files, then copy the merged files back into the Rulemanager directory. This includes any changes to FChoice.RuleManager.WindowsService.exe.config.
  6. If you wish to connect to the SMTP server using TLS or SSL, review (and edit if needed) the following config settings, and be sure they're correct for your environment: EmailServiceConfig.EnableSsl, EmailServiceConfig.SmtpSslMode, and EmailServiceConfig.Port
  7. Start the Rulemanager service

What's New in Previous Versions