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Latest Version 3.0.2
Release Date 9/11/2012

Dovetail BOLT (Browser-based OnLine Tools) is a web application that provides real-time access of essential system information to developers, implementers, and system administrators.

Dovetail BOLT is freely available on Github:

If you're familiar with with Git, you can clone the repo. Else, you can download a zip file.

Documentation and installation instructions:

Using GitHub makes the Dovetail Bolt publically available to anyone, and made the need for an installation process and a compiled help file obsolete. Anyone can clone or fork the project, and have access to the latest, greatest version of this application. For help getting started with GitHub, head to this site

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Revision History
Revision Release Date Download
3.0.2 09/11/2012
3.0 08/08/2012
2.10.2 10/14/2011
2.10.1 08/19/2011
2.10 08/17/2011
2.8.4 11/02/2010
2.8.1 09/18/2009
2.8 06/02/2009
2.7 12/11/2007
2.6 05/31/2007